Fujitrans Corporation is an international logistic and forwarding company that provides its customers with services in the sphere of maritime, road, air and rail shipments. We also offer storage services, repackaging and the subsequent distribution of goods.

The company’s headquarters are located in Japan, in the city of Nagoya. We also have offices and agencies in other cities in Japan (a total of 45 offices) and in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, the USA, Canada and Europe.

Fujitrans (Europe) B.V. is the company’s subsidiary in Europe, based in the city of Amstelveen in the Netherlands.

Fujitrans (Europe) B.V. has one subsidiary in the Czech Republic, in Pilsen – these having opened back in 2005.

The office in Pilsen deals with storage and logistics, areas in which we provide our knowledge and experience to a long-term partner for which we store and distribute components and parts for final production.